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Transform By Tor Coaching:  

use your innate gifts & soul-anchored values to create a reality you love.

My Coaching Method:

I work with high-achievers to find deep alignment in all areas so they can do less, be more and create a reality they love.  I do this through a variety of methods including: mindset coaching, deep meditative work, somatic exploration, breath-work and NLP.

My Client Experiences:

Before working with Tori I was constantly feeling sad, unfulfilled, and distant from my happiest self. I was working a strict corporate job with long hours that I did not enjoy. I went to college, played sports and had the time of my life. I then graduated and lost a huge part of my identity. After college I entered a corporate job I really was not interested in, but took it because it was a name brand company and is what I thought I was supposed to do. Tori created a space where I felt comfortable to share my deepest worries and concerns. Tori’s approach of setting goals and discovering exactly what drives me was incredible. One of my favorite things about the program was how Tori started and ended each session with some sort of breath work. After 3 months with Tori I am feeling much lighter and happier. I now have a morning routine and clearer mind. I changed my job and am now focusing on things that give me joy. After many tears, long conversations, and reflecting, I finally feel as if I am back to the version of myself I love. 


Working with Tori 1-1 transformed my life. After graduating college, I went straight into a full-time sales job. I was working 60 hours a week and felt so disconnected from myself and the life I once loved. I was so afraid to quit and Tori helped me through the entire process. Fast forward, I released myself from a job I was so unhappy with and worked through anxiety. Thank you Tori for changing my life!

Carly Z

Investing in Tori’s coaching is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! When starting to work with her I was struggling with self belief. Since working with Tori it has all CHANGED. She is the perfect mix of head & heart – intuitive and caring while keeping you on track with your goals. For anyone considering working with Tori, stop thinking about it & DO IT!

Melissa P.